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Seeking the Devil Within the Details: The Pauline Storment Murder!

"Myths and legends don't just materialize out of thin air; nothing does, nor can it. There's always a kernel of truth beneath, no matter how distorted it might become." - Isaac Asimov A little over fifty years ago, on a warm April Monday night, precisely the 12th of 1971, my cousin Pauline Storment had her life tragically taken at 9:45. For most of my life, I knew little about the case, except that she was a University of Arkansas student who was murdered while walking home from college. The perpetrator was another student, shielded from prosecution, possibly connected to university officials.  So, how does an Isaac Asimov quote relate to this case? The essential truths lie within the details, where the devil hides. But how am I related to Pauline Storment? She's my twice-removed first cousin, but that doesn't tell the whole story. This connection traces back to my maternal grandfather, AJ "Buddy" Stacks, Pauline's first cousin. Papa Buddy was th

Possible Suspect: Meet John Hubbard of Effingham, Illinois.

Following the tragic murder of Pauline Storment, the Arkansas State Police became involved in the case. This led the Police Departments of Memphis, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia to conduct their own investigations in hopes of finding clues to close the case. Before long, they received information from Mr. Sanders, a manager at the Mark Lipman company. According to him, an employee named John Hubbard had a connection to Pauline Storment. Hubbard had worked for Guardsmark (now Alied Universal), a company under Mark Lipman, from May 20, 1969, to July of 1970. Sanders believed that Hubbard and Storment had an affair between July and August of 1969. Hubbard's last known address was 320 Hampden Drive, Northeast, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He had been working for a law firm on 14th Street in Des Moines, Iowa. Hubbard hailed from Effingham, Illinois, where he also attended high school. Mr. Sanders mentioned that Mr. Stensrud of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company might have a more recent address f

Kunkel's Memory of the Night

The following is the statement Wallace Peter Kunkel provided to the police.  I interviewed the aforementioned suspect on April 23, 1971. He provided the following account of the events on the night of April 12, 1971. According to his statement, at around 5:30 p.m., MICHELLE PHELAN called him at his residence and informed him that she possessed a prescription for 30 pills. She requested him to meet her, along with TERRY SMITH and TIM COPELAND, at the Gray house. Around 6:00 p.m. or slightly later, his mother dropped him off at COLLIERS DRUG. As he walked towards the Gray house, he encountered JIM PARKER and informed him of their planned meeting in about an hour and a half. Subsequently, he walked to the laundromat, where he met MIKE MILLER and a girl who offered him a ride to the Gray house.     Upon arriving at the Gray house, he observed MIKE Michaels working on the pills, processing them to create an injectable liquid. He explained that he assisted MIKE with the process and t