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Possible Suspect: Meet John Hubbard of Effingham, Illinois.

After the murder of Pauline Storment the Arkansas State Police would become involved in the case which lead to both the Police Departments of the cities of Memphis, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia conducting their own investigations into the death in the hope that a clue might be found that would lead to the case being closed. 

It wouldn't be long before they would hear from a Mr. Sanders a personal manager for the Mark Lipman company which would go on to stated that they had an employee by the name of John Hubbard who had been employed with it's company Guardsmark (now Alied Universal) from from May 20, 1969 to July of 1970, and to his knowledge, Pauline Storment & John Hubbard met in Dallas, Texas, in July of 1969 while both were employed by Mark Lipman Co. but working on different assignments. Mr. Sanders went on to say that the company felt that Mr. Hubbard and Miss Storment were having an affair during months of July to August of 1969. He also stated that their last known address on John Hubbard was 320 Hampden Drive, Northeast, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and that the last he heard Mr. Hubbard was working for a law firm on 14th Street in DeMoines, Iowa and that Hubbard was originally from Effingham, Illinois and that he attended High School there too.

Mr. Sanders would also go on to state that a more recent address could possibly be furnished by Mister. Stensrud of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, DesMoines, Iowa, as Mr. Stansrud was handling a compensation claim on Hubbard involving an old back injury. The file claim number is C47844240XOD.


Within the 97 page PDF of case files I received from the Arkansas State Police would be a document that provides a description of JOHN HUBBARD and that the Arkansas State Police considered him a possible suspect.

The document would described Hubbard as being born May 13, 1942, he would be 5ft 9in tall, 180lbs with green eyes, light brown hair, scars on both the right and left little fingers, with the address being located at 320 Hampden Drive Northeast, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

This leads me to think that possibly the Arkansas State Police reached out to the Cedar Rapids Police Department, but without out having all the case files pertaining to this case due to much of the documents being misplaces or worse lost it's hard to tell if they did or if the FBI was even involved due to the investigation reached outside of the state of Arkansas.

Within the document it would state that the Mark Lippman Company had information in its possession at its Memphis offices indicating that he was residing at the above address on March 15, 1971, and that he is currently employed as an investigator for a law firm on 14th Street in Des Moines, Iowa. 

If the subject has moved from the above address, he can possibly be located thru the liberty Mutual Insurance Company of Des Moines, Iowa, where he now has a claim placed for injuries received on his job.

 Now, it's possible and very likely the FBI was never called to assist. It's also clear they never verified the information the Mark Lippman company provided based on the documentation I received via my F.O.I.A.
With this in my, I chose to take the information the Mark Lippman company supplied and utilize my account to built John Hubbard's family tree beginning with only his name and the city he was stated to be from. What I found was that in Effingham, Illinois that was in deed a John Hubbard born in 1942 and like magic the family tree was easy to assemble. Yet, I needed to find a reference for him to be located in Dallas but that at first became a challenge due to various Hubbard's with various birth years being referenced that is until I stumbled across the obituary for John Hubbard's father in which I learned that the John Hubbard I was building a tree for was living in Dallas.

Armed with the confirmation that this particular John Hubbard from Effingham, Illinois born in 1942 was living in Dallas in 2009, it gave me hope that I was on his trail. Yet, I had hoped I could place him in Dallas in 1969, and while looking for something to confirm that suspicion I stumbled across a marriage announcement for a John Hubbard published in the June 6, 1963 edition of the Decatur Herald. This bit of information gave me John Hubbard's middle initial of P and a confirmation that John P Hubbard's father's name was indeed John Wesley Hubbard and that he was from Effingham, Illinois. 
This newly discovered marriage announcement stated that John and his bride Carol Ann Breeden "secretively" got married in Corinth, Mississippi while he was awaiting his assignment by the Air Force.

Yet, on August 9, 1968, within the Decatur Herald I received another surprise which showed that Carol (Breeden) Hubbard the daughter of Lewis Wertman Breedon of Effingham was marring another man named Charles Dewight Leeper.

Now, armed with all this information doesn't get me anywhere close to any answers other than the fact that I can now place a face from 1959 with the name of a John P. Hubbard of Effingham, Illinois who was considered a suspect in the murder of Pauline Storment. 

I must stress this doesn't imply that John P. Hubbard killed Pauline Storment, it only provides a face for a suspect in the case.


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