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Possible Suspect: Meet John Hubbard of Effingham, Illinois.

Following the tragic murder of Pauline Storment, the Arkansas State Police became involved in the case. This led the Police Departments of Memphis, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia to conduct their own investigations in hopes of finding clues to close the case.

Before long, they received information from Mr. Sanders, a manager at the Mark Lipman company. According to him, an employee named John Hubbard had a connection to Pauline Storment. Hubbard had worked for Guardsmark (now Alied Universal), a company under Mark Lipman, from May 20, 1969, to July of 1970. Sanders believed that Hubbard and Storment had an affair between July and August of 1969. Hubbard's last known address was 320 Hampden Drive, Northeast, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He had been working for a law firm on 14th Street in Des Moines, Iowa. Hubbard hailed from Effingham, Illinois, where he also attended high school.

Mr. Sanders mentioned that Mr. Stensrud of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company might have a more recent address for Hubbard due to a compensation claim regarding an old back injury, with claim number C47844240XOD.


Within the 97-page PDF of case files provided by the Arkansas State Police, there was a document describing John Hubbard as a possible suspect. Born on May 13, 1942, Hubbard stood at 5 feet 9 inches, weighed 180 pounds, had green eyes, light brown hair, and scars on both little fingers. He resided at 320 Hampden Drive Northeast, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

It's possible that the Arkansas State Police reached out to the Cedar Rapids Police Department or possibly even the FBI, although concrete evidence is elusive due to missing or misplaced case documents.

The document indicated that the Mark Lipman Company possessed information stating that Hubbard was residing at the address on March 15, 1971. He was employed as an investigator for a law firm on 14th Street in Des Moines, Iowa. The Liberty Mutual Insurance Company might offer information if Hubbard had moved from that address due to his job-related injury claim.

 Though the FBI's involvement remains uncertain, the information supplied by the Mark Lipman company was not thoroughly verified based on the documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A.).
In light of this, I decided to utilize my account to build John Hubbard's family tree starting with his name and city. I found a John Hubbard born in 1942 from Effingham, Illinois, and the family tree assembly was surprisingly smooth. My aim was to confirm his presence in Dallas in 1969. After much searching, I found an obituary for John Hubbard's father, confirming his residence in Dallas.

With this confirmation, I was hopeful that I was on the right track. Another discovery came in the form of a marriage announcement for a John Hubbard in 1963, revealing his middle initial as P and his father's name as John Wesley Hubbard from Effingham, Illinois.  

However, my findings took another twist. In August 1968, a Decatur Herald article revealed that Carol (Breeden) Hubbard, John's bride, married another man named Charles Dewight Leeper. This added complexity to the story.

While this information provides insight into the life of John P. Hubbard from Effingham, Illinois, it doesn't conclusively connect him to Pauline Storment's murder. It's essential to stress that this only gives a face to a suspect in the case.


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