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Kawinkidink Alert: Could the murders of Betsy Aardsma and Pauline Storment be connected?

  Kawinkidink Alert! 🕵️‍♂️ Okay, let's get serious. There's a curious connection between two unsolved cases – one happened in the Library at Penn State University on 1969 and the other sometime after leaving the Library at the University of Arkansas in 1971. Now, the first case refrences the Betsy Aardsma and the second is the murder of Pauline Storment. Now, I know, it might seem like a far stretch, but hang on, gang! These two cases have more in common than you might think, and it's got my my inner Scooby Doo - Mystery Machine brain thinking. Betsy's story kicks off in 1969 when she met a tragic end right in Penn State's library – stabbed without a sound. 😱 And guess what? Two years later, in 1971, Pauline faced a similar fate, not in the library but it could have been when considering Pauline roommate Alice Pat Murphy stated that for Pauline to have been murdered around 9:45 PM at night something prompted her to leave the library early. Was it an uneasy feeling

Unveiling Shadows: The Enigma of Pauline Storment's 1971 Cold Case

Picture it: the night of April 12, 1971, a peaceful evening in Fayetteville, Arkansas. A young woman named Pauline Storment was walking south along Duncan Avenue, having just left the University of Arkansas. Little did she know, this seemingly ordinary walk would tragically mark the end of her life. Storment was brutally stabbed seven to eight times, and the echoes of her harrowing murder still reverberate through time. Over fifty years later, her case remains a haunting unsolved puzzle, casting a shadow over the city. Amidst the backdrop of this chilling crime, another figure emerges: Wallace Peter Kunkel. On that fateful day, April 12th, Kunkel found himself in police custody after a routine vehicle stop on Dickson Street. Mike Boyd, the driver, was at the wheel when the officers intervened. What followed was a sequence of events that would etch itself into the pages of history. Intriguingly, Kunkel's clothes bore traces of blood, raising eyebrows and suspicions alike. He fit the

Unraveling the Case: The Riveting Legal Battle of Wallace Peter Kunkel

In the heart of the Circuit Court of Washington County, Arkansas, a gripping legal saga unfolds, pitting the State of Arkansas against a man named Wallace Peter Kunkel. The center of attention? A critical "Writ of Habeas Corpus," thrusting Kunkel's detention into the spotlight. This writ commands the vigilant Sheriff of Washington County to escort Kunkel to court, baring the intricate details of his incarceration. Atty. Richard Hipp Kunkel, flanked by his legal champion Richard Hipp, steps onto the battlefield with a fervent mission: to question the authenticity of the evidence against him. The crux of his argument lies in the information presented, which he contends lacks the precision required to pin him down for alleged transgressions against Arkansas laws. Asserting his rights anchored in the Fifth and Sixth Amendments of the United States Constitution, Kunkel challenges the vagueness of the allegations, condemning them as mere abstractions rather than substantive cha

Urgent Call to Action: Illuminate the Legacy of Pauline Storment and Seek Justice

I am deeply committed to shining a spotlight on Pauline Storment's story. It's truly disheartening that her case, spanning over 50 years, remains relatively unknown. Historical records indicate that media coverage was mainly limited to Arkansas and Texas due to her older half-brother residing in Texas and the rest of her immediate family in Arkansas. Following her passing, her parents also passed away merely two years later. As a result, only a few individuals continued to keep the case alive in the minds of law enforcement. These efforts were sustained by a handful of people until their own passing. My vision is to establish a nonprofit organization with the aim of creating a historical plaque or memorial that will narrate her story. Alongside this, we aspire to offer a scholarship to support young women who are resuming their education after a hiatus. This scholarship would reflect Pauline's journey when she pursued anthropology at the University of Arkansas. Personally,